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You have arrived at a very special place. In these website pages you will find answers, encouragement, direction and, above all, hope. Hope for a life free of behavioral health issues that may be affecting you or a loved one.

For over four decades, we have dedicated ourselves to our well-known motto, "Uplifting the Human Spirit." We are committed to that lofty mission for individuals, families, communities...for all of Mankind.

We are here to serve you.

Thank you,
Dick Steinberg, President/CEO


The Miami and St. Petersburg offices in Florida will be open on Wed. Sep 12, 2017. Staff who did not receive a call from their management staff today are requested to call their supervisors or email if you cannot call to report in for accountability.

Please remember, safety first. Do not attempt to return to work if you cannot do so safely.

WestCare Cares Hurricane Emergency Fund - You Can help!!!

Many of our staff, family, and friends are asking how they can help their colleagues across the regions who have been impacted or will be impacted by hurricanes, Harvey, Irma, and now Jose. We will have many staff and family members who will need bridge funding support until they can get assistance from the Red Cross, FEMA or other resources. Gifts distributed from this fund are generally $250.00 or less.

A group of volunteers led by our WestCare Nevada Community Action Council have created an emergency relief Facebook Page, "WestCare Cares", for our WestCare Employees who are displaced and may need emergency assistance in the wake of these powerful storms. This fund is not a part of WestCare's routine operations or employee benefits package. It is a voluntary giving fund fully supported by employees and other friends of WestCare, including Alumni, developed to help our WestCare employees through the first few days of this disaster before other traditional disaster relief efforts maybe a readily available.

These funds are considered "gift" funds and are not tax-deductible. Small donations add up quickly - give what you can, if you can - $5 and $10 dollar donations can make a huge difference. The WestCare Cares employee emergency relief site may be accessed at:

If you are a WestCare Employee and need assistance, please apply on-line through our Intranet and click on "Relief Request" on the left side of the page. You may also access this site through your mobile phone which may prove to be more convenient over the next few days. If you cannot access our website then contact WestCare's Emergency Operations Command Center - 865-221-8150 or email:

A Message From Dick Steinberg

I am sure that all of you, just like myself, are in awe of nature's catastrophic force and destruction in the wake of hurricane Harvey. This, as we prepare for another storm of even greater magnitude. Even as our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to so many affected by these disasters, we must take extra care to ensure those that endure poverty, exposure to violence, homelessness, neglect, mental illnesses and chronic addictions can access services. These are the traumas exacerbated by intense catastrophic weather events that disrupt daily norms. The trauma that occurs as a result can linger long after the physical destruction has been removed. Currently our Dandridge office in Tennessee will function as the WestCare hurricane command center. If assistance is needed to locate resources they can be reached at 865-221-8150.

We must, in this time of uncertainty, also practice self-care. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic depression and anxiety are common themes that follow disasters, especially for those of us that work in the behavioral health field. I urge all of you to take care of yourselves and your loved ones not only during the storm but also in the aftermath. Below is a link provided by the US Department of Veteran Affairs that may prove useful.
Self Care After Disasters

Kindest Regards,
Dick Steinberg

Hurricane Harvey: The Long View

Clean-up from Hurricane Harvey is proceeding and the initial shock to the nation is wearing off as the media turns its attention to Hurricane Irma. Much is left to be done for all affected, but in disasters, the long-term suffering is worst among the poor and the disabled. People who are poor - and many working people - live paycheck to paycheck. When their homes flood, or worse are destroyed, there are no savings or credit cards to turn to. They, along with the disabled, including those with mental illnesses and in recovery from addictions, are the ones in shelters; no clothing but for the kindness of others and no control over their future or the future of their children.


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SAMHSA: Coping Tips for Traumatic Events and Disasters

SAMSHA: Press Announcements in Response to Irma

SAMHSA: Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Other Traumatic Event

US Dept. of VA: Mental Health Effects after Disaster

Westcare Foundation: Coping and Resilience in Tough Times


Hurricane Preparation and Recovery - Daily Operations Report

WestCare Hurricane Irma Operations Center is open. Please contact 865-221-8150 or email: for assistance.

September 11, 2017

St. Pete - The storm passed last night with far less damage than anticipated. Clients are all safe and doing well. Facilities have minimal damage, power outages are the biggest issues. Staff rotation today is the biggest priority and staff are working on a staffing plan to relieve the staff who remained on property over the weekend.

Miami - Miami has many downed trees and powerlines along with some flooding creating problems. The Miami properties are in good shape and have minimal damage. Power outages are a problem in Miami as well. One construction crane on the neighboring property suffered damage and presents a risk to reopen the facility until the crane can be secured.

Keys - No specific damage reports are available. Communication in the keys is a challenge and information is not readily available. We anticipate significant damage to the Marathon location, Key West did not have as much damage, but no specific information. Clients were all evacuated and are safe. Most staff evacuated, three remained on the island, no status report as of today. No update on Lynn Mapes and his wife.

Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands - Staff and Clients are ok. Facilities sustained minor damages and will be able to get operational again fairly soon.

Priority today is focused on client care at St. Pete and beginning to reposition Fitz House staff into the affected areas to complete inspections and clear facilities to restart operations.

CAUTION!! Don't Rush to return - Be Cautious! - Listen to Authorities - Don't add to Their workload.. SAFETY FIRST!

WestCare Foundation: WestCare is committed to defending the values that serve as the bedrock of our great society. First and foremost, we stand united against an agenda of hate and intolerance. We strive to create an organization that rewards a healthy balance of diversity, empowerment and expression; builds communities and the lives therein; and keeps us moving forward towards a more promising future. We honor our organizational values that are dedicated to Uplifting the Human Spirit and fostering an agenda of human tolerance.

WestCare Georgia: Capitalizing on the popularity of the Pink Trap House, for National HIV/AIDS testing week, The Woman's Place team developed a series of classes for young women called TRAP (Therapeutic Resources Assessment Planners). TRAP classes teach women about safe sex practices and support them in finding resources to build a happy and healthy life.

WestCare Wisconsin: Youth participating in Earn and Learn, a partnership with Employ Milwaukee and the City of Milwaukee, enjoy a field trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum to learn about culture and community.

WestCare California: WestCare California Health & Wellness Committee hosted another blood drive at the MLK Residential facility. All donations supported the Central California Blood Center.

WestCare Puerto Rico: As part of Guara Bi's efforts to collaborate with the government, staff met with Director of Third Sector and Base of Faith Division from the Governor's Office, Attorney Hector Albertorio.