The Issues, Populations and Services That WestCare Covers

WestCare Foundation is proud to offer programs and services across the continuum of health and human services. Every doorway into a WestCare program is designed, not only to lead to solutions for the presenting issue, but, also, to be a first step toward identifying what may be other complicating and co-occurring factors impacting the life of a whole human being. WestCare creates a continuum of person-centered and trauma-informed care within each and every one of its programs that is recognized for clinical excellence, coordinated access and collaborative innovation.

WestCare proudly operates programs in 17 U.S. states, 4 U.S. territories, the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Palau. Evolving from its origins as a single therapeutic community for men addressing drug addiction, today, WestCare provides a myriad of programs for men and women, adolescents and families, and both yesterday and today's veterans. From outpatient and residential programs treating substance use and mental health disorders, to shelters providing services to those with HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and homelessness, to programs within the criminal justice system, to programs interfacing with and/or incorporating primary care services, WestCare's nearly five decades of growth has been predicated on meeting the need or filling the gap where real people need real help.

Whether you are seeking information about a specific issue, services of a specific kind, programs in a particular location, or help for a specific person, the doors of WestCare are open and we are there to welcome you.