Community Organizing - NSP Area 6 [Historic Harambee C.D.B.G.]
WestCare Wisconsin operates the Harambee Community Involvement Center through CDBG funding provided by the City of Milwaukee Community Development Grants Administration; and serve as the Neighborhood Strategic Planning (NSP) lead agency for Area 6 in the 6th Aldermanic District to address the issues of public safety, property values, economic vitality and quality of life. Program activities include coordinating community events that will educate, enrich, encourage and positively engage the community. We collaborate with the City Alderwoman’s office and local police department (MPD District 5) to help improve the quality of life for area residents by bridging the service gaps that exist between community needs and available resources.

Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP C.D.B.G.)
The Neighborhood Improvement Project is funded by a grant from the City of Milwaukee Community Development Grants Administration; with oversight provided by the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS). The NIP program offers financial assistance to eligible owner occupants in order to correct municipal building and safety code violations and also reduce lead-based paint hazards so that residents can remain in their homes. WestCare Wisconsin works with the DNS Inspector to assess the scope of work to be done and estimate the reasonable cost of the proposed renovation. Maintenance work includes minor carpentry, roofing, painting, lead work, gutters, window repair / replacement, etc. Mechanical work includes electrical, plumbing, heating or major masonry work.

Youth Services NSP Area 6 – Harambee C.D.B.G.
Our youth programs are designed to address urban quality of life issues; and services offered are intended to increase skill level and readiness for employment; reduce teen/young adult unemployment; provide job placement and retention; encourage participation in continuing public safety education and campaign; and violence prevention mentoring that will help to reduce aggression and fatalities amongst teens/young adults. Collaborating with the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Promise Zones, Employ Milwaukee-Earn & Learn, and Milwaukee Public Schools.

E.A.T.S. Food Pantry G.M.F
Everything And Then Some (E.A.T.S.) Food Pantry at the Harambee Community Involvement Center allows for the neighbors, and other Milwaukee residents, to come and pick up an assortment of sustenance goods including fresh vegetables, fruit, other consumable items, spring water and kid-friendly snacks/ drinks for free; every Wednesday starting at 1:00 PM until everything is gone. WestCare Wisconsin operates a food distribution program, open to the public, as a community partner and active member agency with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin.

WCWI Community-Based Crime Reduction Program B.J.A.
The WestCare Wisconsin team, along with our law enforcement and faith-based partners, will work collaboratively to evaluate and develop plans to address the need to build relationships in the community, increase training and technical assistance in support of efforts to prevent crime and discourage drug abuse and violence; promote capacity building through planning; develop community collaborations and partnerships; promote neighborhood innovation projects and improve communication in communities.

Life Skills Development – Substance Abuse Prevention Program SAMSHA
WestCare Wisconsin Life Skills Training Project, using evidence-based practice and trauma-informed care in educational and substance abuse prevention programs to achieve positive outcomes for middle school-aged students attending Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS).

Special Economic Development – Contractor Capacity C.D.B.G.
The Program ensure Residents self-certify as a HUD Section 3 business and register with the HUD Section 3 Business Registry. Section 3 is the legal basis for providing jobs for residents and awarding contracts to businesses in areas receiving certain types of HUD financial assistance. Milwaukee is a vibrant development market that need more minority contractors. Contractors and non-profits are struggling to find workers in the residential sector. WC-WI is providing the technical assistance needed to bridge the gap between government and contractors. Contractors will not bear the burden alone for finding work and access to completing the work.